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No matter what issue your having, with any of your Apple devices, we have a solution! Apple Macintosh repair is one of our specialties. With Certified Technicians in-house there’s nothing we cant help you with! Any make/model...we have an answer! Need an upgrade, or simply a tutorial to use the device to it’s proper potential... we have your solution!


NewAge Computers ServiceTechnicians will perform a full diagnostic on your MacBook, iMac, or MacPro as part of our complete service to check for hardware related problems. Diagnostic is free of charge with any approved repair.

Glass Replacement

NewAge Computers Service Technicians will replace your broken Macbook pro Unibody glass. All our glass parts are new and direct from factory. All glass replacements come with a 30 Day Limited Warranty. Glass replacements may take up to 24hrs for adhesives to settle dry.

Screen Repair

NewAge Computers Service Technicians will replace a cracked, damaged or defective display with a brand new Apple Genuine LED screen, direct from factory. All of our screens come with a 30 Day Limited Warranty.

Logic Board Repair

NewAge Computers Service Technicians will repair your Unibody logic board from any power or video related failure. All of our Logic Board Repairs come with a 90 Day Limited Warranty.

Hard Drive Repair & Upgrades

NewAge Computers Service Technicians will upgrade your hard drive and install the latest OS X + Drive Cloning or Data Transfer of your MacBook Pro Unibody. If your current drive is failing, a new operating system is installed. Data recovery options are available. All of our Services come with a 30 Day Warranty. Our hard drives come with a 1 year Manufacturers’ Warranty.

Data Recovery

A NewAge Computers Service technician will diagnose a failed hard drive for corresponding level. Level 1 and Level 2 are considered recoveries from logical failures. Level 3 is considered a recovery from hardware failure. Once data is recovered, a NewAge Computers Technician will transfer the recovered data, to a corresponding desired hard drive and or transferred to you corresponding OS X Installation. There will be a $35 Diagnostic charge per hard drive check. Cost of the Data Transfer Depends on the Size of the Data you have. Call for pricing.

Level 1: The drive is recognized by the OS X system, but you cannot access files on it. This may include deleted files, damaged or corrupt partition structures, and virus or spyware infections.

Level 2: Your drive appears to your computer system as corrupt, as incorrect drive size, or it doesn’t appear at all

Level 3: You hear clicking or other unusual sounds, the hard drive isn’t spinning or the drive appears to be dead.

Memory Upgrade

NewAge Computers Service Technicians will replace your defective memory or upgrade your RAM at your request. All of our Services come with a 30 Day Limited warranty.

Optical Drive

NewAge Computers Service Technicians will replace your optical drive with a brand new 8X dual layer SuperDrive. All of our Services come with a 30 Day Limited Warranty.


NewAge Computers Service Technicians will replace your keyboard. All of our Services come with a 30 days warranty.

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